LIEBHERR LTM1220-5.2   SL1096

YOM: 2009

Capacity: 220t

Engine Hrs: 

Lower Hrs: 3496. Upper Hrs: 10782

Odometer: 57,994kms

Drive: 10 x 8 x 10, 16:00R25, 60%

Boom Length: 60.0m

Fly Length: K29 m, plus 2 extension to K36, hydraulic offset

Counterweight: 74t

Hook Blocks: 107 t 5 sheave, 31.2 t 1 sheave. 10.5 ball hook

Winches: 2

Extras: Rooster sheave, hydraulic jib, prepared for dolly, storage box for chains and timber
Crane safe 02/2022,
Comments: Ex Melbourne