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Böcker Maschinenwerke GmbH

have changed the mobile crane, travel tower and access game with lightweight, aluminium cranes which can be truck mounted and fitted with a man basket, to convert into a travel tower, within 15 minutes.


All units are remote controlled, so you only require a single operator


As units can be truck mounted, they are within gauge and there is little or no requirement for transport permits and special licences to move them from job to job.


Daily operating costs have been drastically reduced with low fuel usage, tyre costs and cost effective regular maintenance.


Maintenance accessibility and costs have also been drastically reduced, as the majority of maintenance is on the commercial truck chassis, with long maintenance intervals, excellent service centers and endless parts availability.

Founded in 1958 and still a family owned company, Böcker have constantly improved their product range, in order to stay one step ahead of the competition and at the very top of their chosen market

Bestselling mobile crane models at a glance

The powerful AK 52 is probably the strongest crane in aluminium-steel construction. It lifts a load of up to 12 tonnes at 5m radius and has an extension length of 52 m (55 opt.). Mounted on a 26 t truck, the crane lifts 100 kg load 30 m wide and 34 m high. The AK 52 with its 600 kg basket also sets new standards when used as a work platform.


The AK 46/6000 offers an unsurpassed combination of performance, range, and efficiency. Mounted on a 18 t or 16 t truck, it opens up an almost circular working area. 


The crane lifts a maximum of six tonnes at 8m radius. It has a reach of 26 m with a 1000 kg load and optionally can be fitted with a double fully hydraulically extendable luffing jib on request.


The AK 37/4000 is our #1 in the 7.49 t weight class. We designed it for roofers and carpenters who want to reach the rear roof and building sites safely and comfortably. It can lift 4 tonnes at 5m radius. With a load of 250 kg the AK 37/4000 achieves a height of 28 m. It also is extremely compact since it has no overhanging mast top. Hence why Böcker cranes are so popular and commonly used. 


Böcker cranes impress with low fuel consumption and very stable value retention. That is due to it being mounted on MAN or Mercedes trucks. 


Because of the very small slewing radius of the above cranes superstructure in combination with the one-sided support, it is possible to carry out works even while road traffic is flowing.


Truck cranes from:


35 meter reach with 3,000 kg payload, weighing 8.6 tonne

55 meter reach with 12,000 kg payload, weighing 26 tonne 


Follow the link to these units here:


Trailer cranes from:


27 meter reach, with 1,200 kg payload, weighing 3.5 tonne

36 meter reach, with 2,400 kg payload, weighing 4.5 tonne


Follow the link to these units here:

Why purchase a Böcker RK36/2400?

The versatile crawler crane for any surface
The versatile crawler crane for any surface

Soil pressure is evenly distributed.
Soil pressure is evenly distributed.

Intuitive, proportional control of all crane functions
Intuitive, proportional control of all crane functions

The versatile crawler crane for any surface
The versatile crawler crane for any surface


Lightweight Construction, including 34 meters of boom and both diesel and electrical drive - total weight of 4,800kg. 

Ground pressure of 28KN/m2 allows the unit to work on virtually any surface

2400kg @ 4.5 meters, 250kg @ 26.5 meters.

Powered solely by its 15 kw 3 phase motor for internal work requiring low noise levels.

The RK36/2400 can be used as a crane and converted into an EWP within 15 minutes.

Operates to a working height of 29 meters and radius of 18.5 meters as an EWP.

Fully remote control, where the single operator does not need to operate in a blind spot.

Advanced control system allows the outriggers to be adjusted and the load chart will re-calculate automatically.

The same system monitors ground pressure on the outriggers and stops the unit immediately if the ground pressure exceeds 28KN/m2.

The advanced control system offers working area limitation as standard.

Set at the remote control by the operator for safe work in a confined space.

It can be mounted on a trailer and towed behind a small truck for ease of transport.

Quick set up and easy loading, means completing a number of jobs a day is a viable option.

Set it up to operate in place of a tower crane. 

Now lets see a competitor beat that!!!   

Trailer Cranes At A Glance

The No. 1 below 7.49t on MAN and Mercedes truck
The No. 1 below 7.49t on MAN and Mercedes truck

Extremely compact due to the superstructure being on a 7.49t truck
Extremely compact due to the superstructure being on a 7.49t truck

Electric Drive
Electric Drive

The No. 1 below 7.49t on MAN and Mercedes truck
The No. 1 below 7.49t on MAN and Mercedes truck


Truck Crane AK 37/4000

The Böcker truck crane AK 37/4000 PLC sets new standards among aluminium-steel hybrid truck cranes up to 7.49t gross vehicle weight. Having a maximum payload of four tons as well as extensions lengths up to 37m this crane is perfectly suitable even for challenging tasks during the daily work on a construction site. 

Due to outstanding lateral working ranges the truck crane AK 37/4000 PLC easily lifts loads even to the rear side of the roof. The sophisticated PLC Control ensures that even enormous loads can be transported exactly and safely to the respective place of destination. Each of the four telescopic outriggers can be controlled separately so that the crane can be idealy adapted to the situation on-site. 

Böcker's strong alucrane with hydraulically extendible jib
Böcker's strong alucrane with hydraulically extendible jib

The AK 46/6000 can be mounted on an 18 or 26t truck chassis
The AK 46/6000 can be mounted on an 18 or 26t truck chassis

LED indicators on the outriggers
LED indicators on the outriggers

Böcker's strong alucrane with hydraulically extendible jib
Böcker's strong alucrane with hydraulically extendible jib


Truck Crane AK 46/6000

With a payload of up to 6t, the AK 46/6000 provides customers with a strong combination of performance, enormous working ranges and surpassing efficiency. Having a maximum extension length of 44m, this model surpasses all the other Böcker truck cranes. By assembling a mechanical extension which is easily fixed by two bolts, this crane can even be extended up to a maximum length of 46m. Having a maximum range of 39m with 250kg or 26m with 1,000kg payload, this crane equally impresses by an extremely large working area. Upon request, this crane is available as ahy-version having a hydraulically extendible jib.

Beside unrivalled surpassing performance data, enormous efficiency and surpassing agility during daily operations are further key advantages of the truck crane 46/6000PLC. The comparatively low body weight permits the assembly on an 18 or 26t truck. The AK 46/6000 PLC therefore not only impresses by low dead weight and favorable consumption data. The crane is also extremely agile thanks to its compact and lightweight construction.

Truck Crane AK 52

outstanding reach for loads to 12 tons

​With a maximum payload of 12t, a boom length of 52m (opt. 55m) and an outstanding reach, the Böcker crane AK 52 sets new standards in the 26t class as 3-axle and in the 32t class as 4-axle. The probably most powerful crane in aluminium-steel design on the market can lift 3,000kg on 31m with a reach of 17m.

The radio-controlled and fully hydraulically extendable jib can carry a weight of up to one ton, even in horizontal and extended positions. To make for even more efficient work, the jib can be extended in any boom position with loads of up to one ton or a loaded work basket attached thanks to powerful cylinder technology.

Despite its huge performance, the rear-axle steering on the AK 52 makes it extremely manoeuvrable and furnishes it with excellent driving characteristics. Thanks to its compact design and small slewing radius, it is also very flexible in tight spaces. Even when the maximum reach is attained, the swing-through radius is only 2.2m, and the A-frame protrudes no more than 0.9m beyond the frame of the carrier vehicle, because the crane does not need to be equipped with retractable counterweights.

Inclined Lifts At A Glance

Furniture Lifts At A Glance


Mini Crane MK 300/ MK 400

Fast, safe and powerful - the Böcker mini crane models


Physical relief and precise operation during the challenging daily work on the construction site can be considered as the two main strengths of Böcker Mini Cranes. To build just one cubic metre of wall two bricks thick, a bricklayer will bend around 279 times. These challenging and exhausting tasks can be carried out much more efficiently by a Mini Crane. For gas concrete blocks (100 x 24 x 62.5 cm) only 7 operations per cubic metre are necessary, whereas sand-lime blocks (100 x 24 x 50 cm)  and six-pack-units of bricks (24 x 36 x 23.8 cm) require 8 operations and for four-pack-units of bricks (50 x 24 x 23.8 cm) 9 operations per cubic metre.

Rack and Pinion Hoists At A Glance


Industrial Lift Service-Lift

Böcker Service-Lift as a stationary industrial lift


The Böcker Service-Lift is the ideal lift for all stationary operations. Having a maximum lifting height of 200 m (higher upon request) and total capacity between 240 and 2,500 kg or 3 to 33 persons respectively, the lift is virtually an all-purpose solution. And due to the durable, solid design in outdoor technology the Service-Lift is likewise appropriate for ambitious projects in the most different industrial facilities.

The drive is either effected via frequency-controlled or directly switched drive units. At the same time two powerful drive units ensure highest running smoothness as well as low wear and tear. Furthermore the whole drive system works extremely cost- and energy-efficient.